The bubbling sounds of the water falling over the cliff filled my eardrums. The beautiful scent of the fine, fresh, flowers drifted into my nostrils. A galloping gazelle in the distance gave my eyes a wonderous sight. Nature can be very beautiful at times and often we are too busy to notice it. From the smallest of things like the flowers, or the huge trees that are growing right in front of you. You don’t have to be a wilderness explorer to see it. Nature is all around you, just waiting for you to notice it. Trees, flowers, clouds, and more surround us everyday. Many times we are in a rush or have are heads in our phones and don’t take the time to realize how beautiful the world is. A lot of times we miss gorgeous sunsets or amazing rainbows. The Nature in our everyday lives is beautiful, but we need to take the time to see it.


Popular Foods in America

America is known for unhealthy, but delicious food. One of the most popular foods is a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger has a delicious meat patty with cheese and lettuce all rapped up in a scrumptious, golden bun. Another delicious, but terribly unhealthy food is s’mores. S’mores are very popular treats that are as fun to make as they are to eat. Roasting marshmallows over a fire is so much fun. With gooey chocolate and toasted marshmallows, all inside of two graham crackers. It will definitely leave you wanting some more. Lastly, corndogs are a yummy food that comes on a stick. Corndogs have a meat center inside of an outer layer of fried sweet cornbread. America does not have very healthy foods, but they sure are delicious!


cheeseburgerS'mores with Marshmallows Chocolate and Graham Crackers1253233-corndog

School Lunches in America

School lunches in America are varied. Many students bring sandwiches and chips with a cookie and some fruit. However there are so many different things that students bring for lunch including the following. Sushi, soup, rice, and many other very random foods. Sandwiches though are most popular.


Week 5 Activity 4

I went to five different bloggers and learned about foods in their countries and commented on their posts. First I went to Rachel’s blog and learned about Anzac biscuits that are popular in Australia. I left this comment.

Hi Rachel,
Anzac biscuits sound really good. I should definitely try them sometime. Do you prefer coconut in your Anzac biscuits?

Then, I went to Penelope’s Blog and took a poll about what my favorite food was.

Hi Penelope,
I was wondering what food was your favorite in the poll?

After that I went to Darcey’s blog and read about four popular foods in Australia.

Hi Darcey,
I loved learning about the different types of food in Australia. What kinds of foods are your favorites in Australia? I would love to try Caramel Kola someday!

Another blog I visited was Ayla’s Blog. There I learned about traditional Canadian foods.

Hello Ayla,
I loved your post, but it made me very hungry. I was wondering since Canada is so close to America, if you ate some American food there?

Lastly, I went to Brooke’s Blog and read about how she loves sushi.

Hi Brooke,

I love sushi also! My favorite is anything with eel. What is your favorite kind of sushi?


Week 4 Activity 1

I have made my blog purple with pumpkins at the top for Halloween. My blog is purple because it is my favorite Halloween color. Also, I found my picture of pumpkins on google images. I chose this image because I thought it was cool how the pumpkins had holes and only some of the light got through them.

Week 4 Activity 2

 It’s that time of year again that is always so much fun! And you’re left with so much candy when it’s all done. Watch out there may be ghosts and goblins galore. But I’m sure it will leave you wanting some more. You play games and dance until the night comes to an end. You might even make a ghost as your friend. Make sure you wear a costume. It would be so merry. But don’t make it too scary! Oh, Halloween time is the best. It makes my heart beat in its chest!


Week 4 Activity 3

I love celebrating Halloween with many different traditions. Every year for Halloween, my mom and I go “Booing.” “Booing,” is when you leave a bag filled with goodies at the front door of someone’s home, ring the doorbell, and run away. After you have been “Booed,” then you must put a sign on your door, so other people don’t “Boo” you again and then you must “Boo” two other people. This is my favorite Halloween tradition because it is so much fun! Also I wear a costume and go trick or treating in my neighborhood, to get lots of candy! I love Halloween and all of my family traditions!


Week 4 Activity 4

I love traditions especially on Halloween! Traditions bring me closer with my family and is something that I can look forward to all year long. I want to know what your Halloween Traditions are! Below is the following link to a google forms poll asking what your favorite Halloween tradition is and why.

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Week 2 Activity 3

Commenting is a very important part of blogging. Commenting helps to connect with the blogger. With commenting, you can find out that other people have had the same experiances that you have had. Also, you can tell someone something that would make them feel very happy about their post. Commenting is also a way to let someone know how you feel about their posts. Bloggers love to hear that you liked their post or that you find it really interesting. Commenting is a great way to communicate with other bloggers.

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